SINGLE // Fleetwood Mac :: The Chain ((The Funk Hunters Remix))

Canadian turntablist duo The Funk Hunters have been making a name for themselves by doing exactly that.  They have a cache of hard-hitting remixes and are known for mixing these seamlessly to festival crowds such as Shambhala.  TFH made an appearance on UFO alongside JPOD with a glitchy throwback remix, and it seems an even more classic sample with even heavier production is the next logical step.

The harmonized vocals are perfect for the spacious, countryside vibe that sets the tone, and the recognizable bass line becomes the primer for a big drum & bass breakdown at about 3:00.  In between is plenty of chewy bass goodness and tasteful vocal chops, definitely one of the better interpretations of “The Chain” (maybe not as solid as the Bone Thugz remix but definitely more versatile for DJ’s).

BONUS — Check out the video for The Funk Hunters‘ “The Chain” remix.  Always happy to see The Muppets getting down.  Beaker should be an official mascot of dubstep.

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The Funk Hunters :: website
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One comment on “SINGLE // Fleetwood Mac :: The Chain ((The Funk Hunters Remix))

  1. —> super trippy music video. I appreciate the well done reinterpretation of the Fleetwood Mac song “The Chain.” The song has an appropriate amount of crunchy bass along with a sly DnB section placed towards the end. It has a good monster steppin’ rhythm that would transform a crowd into freak dancing Thriller zombies.

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