REVIEW // Up Until Now @ Larimer Lounge :: 5/12/12

Up Until Now rocked the Larimer Lounge with their organic infused electronica, utilizing the work of a live drummer and the massive Live program Ableton with an Akai midi controller.  This night proved to be much different from seeing Jay Murphy perform before his brother and STS9, September of last year.  Up Until Now has proven to be capable of the large grandiosity that Red Rocks has to offers, as well as the intimate setting here at the Larimer Lounge.

The Larimer Lounge was a breath of fresh air after being immersed in festivals and clubs of grand production for the better part of a year.  This place provided me with a fantastic atmosphere with even better people (with surprisingly cheap drinks too, I might add).  I was fortunate enough to have been able to sit down and casually chat with Jay from Up Until Now, discussing everything from production programs to memories of wild adventures and late nights.

The Larimer Lounge amplified the intimate nature of the night with its cozy dance floor and stage, reminding me that these events are really where it all starts.

I spoke with some of the most fascinating and diverse people throughout the night, reminding me that this music has more to offer then the steamy, tightly-packed shows.  There is minimal interpersonal communication or acquainting of individuals at a typical show, despite the shoulder-to-shoulder proximity between people on the dance floor.  Tonight was different.  At the lounge, I had met a gentlemen who had just moved from Arizona that travels across the country doing tattoo projects, a wonderful lady from Minneapolis who owned the only store that distributed Hundreds clothing (she had commented on my shirt), and a freelance photographer from Rhode Island jumping state to state seeing the country and photographing the entire way.

The point being here, I have yet to engage in this kind of communicative interplay at larger venues. I have personally seen the growth of EDM within the last few years, and been blown away time after time at the level of production and organization that goes into the continually growing number of shows. As fantastic as it is to see this growth and productions that rival that of Motley Crue and Pink Floyd, I feel it is incredibly important to remember these sorts of venues and the artists in which play there.


Your thoughts?

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