FEATURE // Vaiper Despotin :: Butt Can Click EP

Time to clue you in to a Lithuanian producer and all-around genial character from Renegades of Bump and Despotin’ Fam: a man known as Vaiper Despotin who has stolen our attention with an incredibly gifted EP of originals and remixes.

Been holding onto this release for a minute now.  There’s a temptation as a blogger to say “It’s already four months old.  Forget it, move on,” but there are several tracks on this that just won’t be forgotten.  The Ace of Bass remix is a clear standout to me just on a nostalgic basis, but “Outlier Vamp” and especially “I Had Time Off” have mellow traces of that future trap sound that continues to demand new attention months later.

“Forever Gone” falls fairly close to the same vibe, but oh, that bass!  That’s something else entirely, big-speaker music that can be enjoyed while vertical or horizontal (if you catch our meaning): like Outkast‘s “The Way You Move,” but without the association to middle-school dances or general radio overplay.

But there’s plenty more here, and the variety thrown in from the alien happiness of “Golden Olympic Dance” or goofball smile on “Just To Be With You” lets us know Vaiper Despotin will be making another appearance here very soon.

*** LINKS ***
Vaiper Despotin :: SoundCloud
Vaiper Despotin :: Facebook
Vaiper Despotin :: Bandcamp


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