PHOTOS // Eminence Ensemble w/ DYNOHUNTER, Lost Optical & Krooked Drivers @ Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom :: 5.26.12

With the evolution of electronic music these days, it is easy to see the influences that have been drawn from funk, reggae, and even metal. This just leaves us to wonder one thing: what ever happened to jazz? Saturday night at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, my question was answered.

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Eminence Ensemble is what happened to jazz. This group of apparently highly trained jazz musicians (that are each absolutely remarkable at their respective instrument) is giving electronic music the fusion it deserves. Sure, they aren’t the first band to bring jazz into the new age, but they sure do know how to do it right.

Justin Neely (guitar), Zac Flynn (bass), Blake Mobley (keys), Nick Baum (percussion), and Tanner Bardin (drums) threw down a night of musically intricate and aurally mesmerizing jams with a bit of guest sax by Alex Cazet to solidify the funk. Whatever it is that Eminence Ensemble is up to, it keeps the crowd in a dancing frenzy that even Herbie Hancock would marvel at.

The mood had to be set just right for the set they threw down at Cervantes, and they had the openers to pull through on that one. Krooked Drivers, Lost Optical, and Dynohunter (none of whom I had heard before this show) all made me a complete believer and supporter of their cause. From the first track that Krooked Drivers laid down to the last note of Eminence Ensemble’s encore, I was unable to stop moving for the entire of the night. We’ll be seeing these guys throw down again at the Boulder Theater this 4th of July, and I know I’ll be front and center, eager to hear more.


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