DOCUMENTARY// “American Juggalo”:: Sean Dunne’s 25-min Gem

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With festival season practically in full swing, we here at UFO think it’s time to take a step back and look at one of the less talked about of the summer’s musical celebrations.  The Gathering of Juggalos is an event where die hard fans of the hardcore rap group Insane Clown Posse get together to engage in some of the most absurd behavior known on earth. These proud Juggalos are a very controversial and misunderstood part of the music world that have often received a lot of negative exposure from a variety of sources.

Sean Dunne‘s 25-minute ethnographical documentary  “American Juggalo” attempts to take an objective look into Juggalo culture. This brilliantly executed doc gives some insight on what it means to be part of a scene, why that scene exists , and what motivates participants to be a part of it. So give it a watch, try not to cringe too much, and open yourself up to the beauty of being a Juggalo!



One comment on “DOCUMENTARY// “American Juggalo”:: Sean Dunne’s 25-min Gem

  1. i think the juggalos make no sense in what they represent nor is their music anywhat appealing. in fact, i think the music is f**king garbage.

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