SINGLE // Stimming :: Funkworm (Gramatik Remix)

For 15 years, Gramatik has been continually developing and refining his ability to produce the absolute highest quality digital funk (and boy, are we grateful). Since realizing the power of free file sharing to gain a worldwide following, Denis Jasarevic has swept the globe with his electrojazz-dubhop sound while remaining a strong advocate of “freeing music by making music free.” Check out this new remix of Stimming‘s 2007 single, Funkworm that Gramatik just dropped on SoundCloud!

This track is a bit more house-y than we’ve come to expect from Gramatik, but it is just as funky as one could ever hope. All I know is that, for my sake, he better be spreading this one around the festival circuit. So with that, all I can say is keep it up, Gramatik! We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this summer.

Make sure to check out Gramatik this weekend at Lightning in a Bottle and Summer Camp, and next weekend at Wakarusa!!!


Gramatik :: Website
Gramatik :: Facebook
Gramatik :: Twitter
Gramatik :: SoundCloud
Gramatik :: Pretty Lights Music


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