SINGLE // Lone :: As A Child ft. Machinedrum

Not often does a producer get my attention like Lone has.  I’ve come across an ambient glitch set-up by the same name (quite good in their own right), but the quality of music (specifically UK future garage/ DnB) put out by this guy is unmatched.  What’s really puzzling to me is how little attention this has gotten in the blog scene.  Lone’s album Galaxy Garden is surely going to place in my top 10 for year, and yet no one seems to have noticed — at least outside of the UK and DJ-friendly services like JunoDownload.  This one is big, and when I say big, I mean monstrous.  This UK producer first drew my attention with his track “Crystal Caverns 1991,” but this one is the one I’ve fallen in love with.  For your listening pleasure, “As A Child.”

Lone :: As A Child (feat Machinedrum)

And if that won’t hold you over until you buy the album, perhaps this video for “Crystal Caverns 1991” can help.


Lone :: Facebook
Lone :: Resident Advisor


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