FEATURE // Nicolas Jaar :: BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

Nicolas Jaar, an American-Chilean musical phenom who currently studies at Brown University has just been featured on BBC Radio 1.  His essential mix is a 2 hour multi-dimensional musical journey that took me places music has never taken me before.  He is a master at placing sounds exactly where he wants you to hear them. This creates an effect that literally gives life to the music.  He instills you into a whole world that ignites far more senses then just hearing.  It is as if your actually “there.”  Whether “there” is a dark forest, or a deep heartfelt emotion, he gives the space for your own experience.  This is a musical experience not to be missed.

High quality headphones, eyes closed, and a meditative state are highly suggested to get the full effect of his music. And without further ado..

He also recently released a new album entitled “Space is only noise”. Its been hailed by some as the best album of the year.


*** LINKS ***
Nicolas Jaar :: FACEBOOK
Nicolas Jaar :: TWITTER
Nicolas Jaar :: SOUNDCLOUD


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