SINGLE // Jack Dixon :: You Won’t Let Me (Synkro Remix)

Just the other day, Jack Dixon and Synkro, both amazing producers out of the UK released remixes of each other’s work on their respective SoundClouds. Both producers have some forthcoming work on the second coming of previously ambient label Apollo Records, Synkro being their heaviest hitter for their comeback.  Jack Dixon is now re-hosting his remix of Synkro, but as a special treat for y’all I got a copy of Synkro’s remix of “You Won’t Let Me” to share with you.  This one has some serious ambient, minimal, and garage feel to it.

Jack Dixon – You Won’t Let Me (Synkro Remix)

And you know how I mentioned that remix Jack Dixon did for Synkro?  Yeah, I’ve got that one for you, too.

Synkro- Frontline (Jack Dixon Remix)

Expect to hear a hell of a lot more from me about Synkro in the future.

*** LINKS ***
Jack Dixon :: Facebook
Jack Dixon :: SoundCloud
Jack Dixon :: Twitter

Synkro :: Facebook
Synkro :: SoundCloud
Synkro :: Resident Advisor
Synkro :: Twitter 


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