SINGLE // Bernhoft :: Shout (( C2C Remix ))

SINGLE // Bernhoft :: Shout (( C2C Remix ))

The four French DJ’s who comprise the turntable group C2C also known as Coups 2 Cross, have created a perfect jam for you to blast while getting your base tan this summer. Remixed from the original by Norwegian singer Bernhoft , who’s voice creatures the smooth funk motif that drizzles through the song like honey, this electronic spin on an old school disco vibe will leave you feeling groovy.  C2C is the Neapolitan ice cream of electronic turntable music. They bring a fresh new spin to different styles of the old soulful vibes from the past, be it disco like in “Shout” or country blues like in “Down The Road”; both off of their new album also titled “Down The Road”.

And if your feeling some Hip Hop check out “Hocus Pocus” the concept of the beat composition is great but, it seems a little unfinished.


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Bernhoft :: Facebook

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Bernhoft :: Twitter

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