PHOTOS // West Water Outlaws, Na’an Stop and Branded Bandits @ The Fox Theater :: 5.9.12

Rock and roll will never die in Boulder, CO, as long as the West Water Outlaws are on stage shredding for any audience. got down with the WWO boys accompanied by openers Na’an Stop and Branded Bandits on May 5, 2012 at The Fox Theater for a graduation rock fest of the ages.  Being their first big headlining performance, it was hard to expect anything over the top… however, they gave The Fox Theater so much more – a SOLD OUT show, intense lights, magical vocals and guitar solos that we are STILL talking about!

The West Water Outlaws had been planning and practicing for this event for months, hammering out each and every detail, and working alongside various promoters, including UFO, to make this a show that we would never forget.  Judging by the hundreds of sparked lighters paying tribute to the band, they accomplished their goal.  And the setlist, shit did they lay out a gem for Boulder.

Our favorite moment of the night – the ever special tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan’s famous “Goin’ Down” rock anthem.  The boys kick started the tune with a personal variation, staying true to the legend of rock and roll’s style and shred-ability, all paving the way for WWO frontman, Blake “Whiskey” Rocker, to finish off the tune with a solo that even Stevie would have been proud of.

For a group that is only a little over two years old, the West Water Outlaws are on their way to the top.  Now don’t get us wrong, you hear that comment all the time about up-and-coming bands, DJs and groups, however, the West Water Outlaws literally proved any doubter wrong.  Their style, maturity on stage and kick-ass selection of personally written songs launches them into the next level of rock stardom.  As the group prepares for a heavy Southeast summer tour, cannot wait to team up for another event!

When we sat down with the bunch backstage as they shook off their pre-show jitters, UFO learned what it takes to be part of the crew: beer, rock and roll, and the absence of brown M&Ms.  Our seat belts are fastened and UFO is ready for the wild rock and roll laced ride with the West Water Outlaws.  Now its time for the rest of the rock and roll world to “GET IN THE VAN!”  Remember to buckle up.


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