MIXTAPE // The Magician :: Magic Tape Twenty-Three

The Magician is a man of mystery and a god of French-Electro Funk-iness.  This latest mixtape of his has been bumping on soundcloud to the tune of almost 8000 plays in its first 6 hours.  (not to mention, bumping the hell out of my apartment… and my neighbors’ too)  Plug in and groove out to  52 minutes of the funkiest french tunes you’ve heard in a while.

If you really dig this mix, you’re in luck because The Magician and Flosstradamus are playing in Denver on June 8th at the Summit Music Hall.  Check the facebook event link for details. >>>

The Magician and Flosstradamus @ Summit Music Hall

Here’s a sweet Flosstradamus refresher track. >>>


*** LINKS ***
The Magician :: Facebook
The Magician :: SoundCloud
The Magician :: Twitter

Flosstradamus :: Facebook
Flosstradamus :: SoundCloud
Flosstradamus :: Twitter


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