SINGLE // DJ Shadow :: Midnight (Urban Knights Remix)

There really must be something in the water over there in the UK… Today we bring you a fresh new remix of DJ Shadow’s Midnight in a Perfect World from Bristol/London A/V duo Urban Knights.  This track keeps the liquid cool of the original, delicately microsampling vocals for the intro in rhythm with the escalating garage beat.  The beat finally drops on “midnight” into a funky-junky dance track, alternating between four-on-the-floor jungle and two-step with handsomely crafted and mixed sub-synthesizers.  Grab the track while it’s stile hot out of orbit.

While you’re at it, check out this DVJ mix they did on vimeo.  The visuals themselves aren’t anything crazy, mostly just taken from music videos and sampled from movies, but do take note as we’re sure to see much more A/V hybridization in live performance in the near future.

*** LINKS ***
Urban Knights :: Facebook
Urban Knights :: SoundCloud
Urban Knights :: Twitter

Urban Knights :: Website


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