FEATURE // Minnesota :: Astral Projections EP

Minnesota‘s Astral Projections EP is here, three stylish tracks meant to blast you straight out of body and mind.  We got a peek at the track “Astral Projections” from the Astral Projections mix posted a while back (which reached nearly 30,000 SoundCloud plays since then), but now it looks like he was hiding his ace as “Stardust” is starting to attract a lot of attention.

Astral Projections is fueled on cosmic euphoria, each track dropping a meta-spiritual messages suggesting realities within realities before the lazers fire into the sky.  With the possible exception of “Relax,” which is actually the least relaxed track of the three, the music fits equally well for a midnight time slot as it is for the post-show come-down session.  This is the kind of vibe that made Hostilis-era MiM0SA an intimidating double-threat, and Minnesota is answering the call for the sharply-produced, anthemic alternatives for the drop culture for whom grime has lost its shock value.

*** LINKS ***

Minnesota :: SoundCloud

Minnesota :: Facebook


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