With the continued progress of the technology used in creating  dance music, digital synthesis is more natural than natural sound itself.  This is doing absolute wonders for electronic genres, but it leaves much of the music released without that deep-in-your-soul organic feeling that is only possible with live instruments.

Luckily for us, David Satori of Beats Antique and Evan Fraser of Hamsa Lila know their way around the world and back as far as live instruments go.  Their new project, Dirtwire, just released a self-titled album that puts Americana on a road trip around the world.

From slide guitar and banjo over traditional Japanese and Middle Eastern instruments to eerie solo piano pieces, instruments from literally all over the globe prove they are capable of more bizarre and intricate noises than most anything you’d find from this hemisphere.  It’s not about novelty, though.  These guys get the groove going like it is nobody’s business.

Dirtwire has apparent stylistic similarities to both of their other projects as well as a down-home blues vibe highly reminiscent of Toubab Krewe that makes it  hard to tell whether they belong down by the bayou or out on the rice paddies.  Either way, its certainly gonna get weird when they take the stage.

If you aren’t already at Symbiosis, you can catch them at Lightning in a Bottle next week.  And in the mean time, download the album and let the bizarre wonders of Dirtwire carry you away.

*** LINKS ***
Dirtwire :: Bandcamp
Dirtwire :: Facebook


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