SINGLE // Shiny Objects :: Just Fabulous (Eats Everything Remix) + Eats Everything Interview

Eats Everything is one of our favorite bass-house producers as of late.  He and a slew of other producers from the UK like Julio Bashmore, Mosca, and Joker, are spearheading the rise of a new wave of EDM that is gaining momentum and is starting to make waves on our side of the pond.  Eats Everything released a remix for Shiny Objects’ Just Fabulous yesterday; a shining example of both the funkiness and the depth of much of the bass tunes being released by these guys right now.  You can follow the link to snag the track on beatport, it’s the only place we could find it at the moment!

Shiny Objects :: Just Fabulous (Eats Everything Remix) (beatport)

We also wanted to include an interview that EE did for BBC Radio 1 in which he talks briefly about what’s going on in the Bristol bass scene right now.  In the interview, he talks about how he saw bass music explode on the dancefloor in UK, how it’s moving to the USA, and about some of the venues he’s played in. (If you aren’t excited at the prospect of getting to see some amazing talent like this on a Funktion-One in a renovated skate-park, you ought to have your head checked.)

He’s played in Denver before (3/10/12 @ RiNo Sport Galleri) and now for the next several weeks he’s only booked to play parties in London, Bristol, Birmingham, and Detroit, MI.  You can bet that we’re patiently waiting for the day that his list reads: Denver, CO, USA once again.  Come back to Denver, Daniel Pierce!

*** LINKS ***

Eats Everything :: Facebook
Eats Everything :: Twitter
Eats Everything :: Soundcloud


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