SINGLE // Big Giant Circles :: BGC418 ((Featuring C418))

This unique chiptune song was produced by Jimmy Hinson, aka Big Giant Circles.  He’s a member of OverClocked ReMix, an organization which revolves around promoting video game music as an art form. Through 8-bit/16-bit style, Big Giant Circles collaborated with Daniel Rosenfeld aka C418 (who produces the music and sound effects in the addicting block-building game Minecraft). Through Big Giant Circles’ vision, people are able to hear the artistic  potential contained in simple video-game soundtracks.

Big Giant Circles :: BGC418 (feat. C418)  (right-click to download)

Kick back and relax to this unique style of music as the different textures of rhythms seem to unlock different perspectives for viewing the world.  While this isn’t a track you would play at a party, everyone has days where the struggle to get through seems impossible, and this track feels like an antidote for such experiences. From such simple video game melodies, Big Giant Circles has composed a profound audio message.

“BGC418” is one of a handful of free tunes from Big Gigantic Circles’ album Impostor Nostalgia.  Check out the album on Bandcamp for more pixelated beauty.

Big Giant Circles :: website
Big Giant Circles :: SoundCloud
Big Giant Circles :: Facebook
Big Giant Circles :: Twitter


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