SINGLE // Pink Floyd :: Shine On You Crazy Diamond ((ZHU’s Glitchy Downtempo Remix))

We recently raised the important question of Pink Floyd remix sacrilege with that killer KOSTER remix of “Careful With That Axe, Eugene.”  We caught the scent of another Pink Floyd remix, and this one has a more generous helping of EDM poured onto it.  ZHU is a Los Angeles producer embarking on a 52-week challenge to produce one track a week, and Week 35 finds himself digging in the crates after tackling the significantly more obvious remix choice of Usher’s “Climax” (done in an effective prog-house style, FYI).

Pink Floyd :: Shine On You Diamond (ZHU’S Glitchy Downtempo Remix)

Don’t let the “downtempo” label fool you into thinking this one’s lacking in adrenaline.  The energy is high and the sound is large, and the original sound bytes are scattered over the driving bass line in a very classic Pretty Lights kind of style (which I guess is the gold standard for “glitchy downtempo”).  I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief that Pink Floyd was spared from desecration here, and in reality, I’m a little disappointed the vocals didn’t make an appearance anywhere other than a middle-section breakdown.

ZHU is cranking these tracks out on a weekly basis, so if you like what you hear, get to this kid’s SoundCloud page right away and don’t miss a download.  Check out ZHU‘s “Climax” for a little further insight.

*** LINKS ***
ZHU :: website
ZHU :: SoundCloud
ZHU :: Facebook
ZHU :: Twitter


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