PHOTOS // Lazerdisk Party Sex @ The Fox Theater :: 5.10.12

Lazerdisk Party Sex got the Fox Theater bumping for the Boulder Beats Last Day of Finals Party and was in house for the evening’s festivities.  With a dash of funk, a pinch of the Galactic Empire, and enough sub to give any basshead their fix, the duo showed an eager Boulder crowd they really know how to throw down.  Adorned with their signature stormtrooper masks, Pres and ZJ (Chad and Zach) took the stage for a night of electro house, moombahton, and all-around lasery goodness.

Based out of Vermont, Lazerdisk Party Sex has been building their name since 2010 and has performed all over the country.  Their stage presence is a simple one, allowing their music to do most of the talking for them. They remain hidden away behind their masks, only peeking out to thank the crown from time to time.  They don’t flaunt wild stage personalities or get into any crazy antics, but rather let the remarkable light show and overall baddassery of their masks help the crowd get lost in the groove.

It wasn’t too long ago (or in a galaxy far, far away) when we saw Lazerdisk Party Sex do their thing at Boulder’s Absinthe House last year.  This was a time when moombahton was making its first big push onto dance floors and we had only heard rumors of Pres and ZJ’s talent.  We congratulate them on another successful Boulder run, proving once more that you are worthy of your awesome name and business-imperial style.


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