PHOTOS // Bedrockk, Hollagramz, Snubluck, Checkers and Dawn Safari @ Larimer Lounge :: Denver, CO :: 5/10/12

DIRTY // CLEAN is one of the most exciting new collectives blossoming out of the Mile High City.  We here at UFO feel a slight kinship with them for two reasons: first, we launched our respective projects right around the same time, and secondly, we are totally on-board with where they want to take bass culture.

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The Larimer Lounge was home to the very first DIRTY // CLEAN showcase and a plethora of tattooed skin, a funky.  One of the bartenders even had a DIY sleeve of plastic wrap and packing tape covering a freshly-inked arm, possibly symbolic as the beginning of something beautiful.

Bedrockk looked and sounded absolutely confident.  They have a commanding stage presence, even in the very egalitarian Larimer Lounge where artist and audience are practically eye-to-eye.  It was exactly the energy that the crowd had wanted, something a little funky and a little heavy but with plenty of attitude.

Co-founder of DIRTY // CLEAN and guitarist/producer/singer Dave Marquess has pretty undeniable appeal as a frontman.  Live drums are never a bad choice and Phil Swain has the groove, but the fuzzy, creeping bass of “Sexual Purring” combined with the drawl of Marquess’ vocals were a potent combination to get the girlies moving.  What is nice about Bedrockk is that there’s plenty of crunch behind the sound, and tonight at the Larimer Lounge it was the guys who busted out dance moves with no reservation.

With a little more attention to the r&b side of things — a little faster of a pace, more vocal harmonies and seductively chill lyrics — Bedrockk could easily split a bill with Cherub and tag-team any female audience into drooling submission.

Hollagramz has been pushing some great sounds lately, choice productions that are prime for 3 am house party sessions and 5 am decompression.  Unfortunately it seemed like the duo was vibing the latter too strongly for their 11 pm set, or maybe the environment just wasn’t right.  The crowd halfway bought into the music but clearly needed the funk more than they needed sleek robo-erotica.  I wouldn’t give up on these guys so quickly, though: their “Atlantean Techno” mix for DIS Magazine still gives us the right vibes.

Truth be told, Snubluck was the real anticipated act of the night for us.  He may not have the same name recognition of his label-mates but DAMN does he have a great ear for melody.  We could have listened to smooth tunes like “Fox” all night, but we were also pleased to see Corey English had the nerve to dig deeper into pure skweeedom.

Definitely keep an eye out for Checkers and Dawn Safari, two chillin’ producers who we hope will have the foresight to throw a bitchin’ pool party really soon together.


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