PHOTOS // Seven Lions, Skywalkerr & Rodway @ Cervantes’ :: Denver, CO :: 5/9/12

Seven Lions provided the Wednesday wobble at Cervantes’ with Skywalkerr and Rodway, blasting away to a small but tight-knit audience.

Only two degrees of separation between anyone inside, mostly because it seemed everyone inside was either a friend of Skywalkerr and/or Rodway.  It had to have been that way, because the size of the crowd was too discouragingly small to compel anyone else to stay.  However, the show itself was excellent, a great weekday night to baptize in some bass.

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Let’s start by saying Seven Lions (Jeff Montalvo) can make epic lovestep like a fiery astroid was hurtling toward Earth and minutes away from destroying everything important to us.  We’re talking about giant, symphonic synths and highly streamlined production that make his music fit for the most futuristic of action movies.

Take a moment to listen to his most recent release, the stunning Polarize EP, especially the free single “Isis.”  It would have been perfect, especially on such a beautiful summer night, to experience this somewhere like Vinyl rooftop, where stainless steel railing is the only separation between your lounge chair and the Denver skyline.

Unfortunately for Seven Lions, this is Slurvantes, and Skywalkerr and Rodway used the home-field advantage to steal the show with a more grime-hop approach and wave-my-crutches-in-the-air energy.  Though this may not have been the case, it looked as if everyone saw Skywalkerr out of obligation and Seven Lions out of curiosity.

Playing exactly to what the underpacked (read: picky) crowd needed to hear to go wild, both Skywalkerr and Rodway focused on a less-refined dubstep sound with plenty of cray sauce.  Everyone packed to the front, seeming to say “Alright, I’m here.  I got this drunk to see you, now give me something to fucking lose my mind to.”  And though Kreayshawn‘s track “Gucci Gucci” has already well run its course, Skywalkerr‘s remix even appeared at an effective moment amidst the well-mixed set.  The peak of the energy was probably when he dropped Candyland‘s remix of “Sandstorm”, which was exactly the kind of low-brow party music that made this crowd move.

Dancing like that would have looked absolutely ridiculous to Seven Lions.  It looks ridiculous, anyway, but Seven Lions makes music way too pretty to instigate that kind of drunk moshing.  For real, though, Polarize is an incredible release.  I am more than happy with his performance.

But it was bizzare, to say the least, to watch Seven Lions bring vastly superior technology and fail to outgun Skywalkerr.  It proved one thing above all: white kids acting gangster while dancing to dubstep has NOT gone out of style.


One comment on “PHOTOS // Seven Lions, Skywalkerr & Rodway @ Cervantes’ :: Denver, CO :: 5/9/12

  1. You should probably not promote shows and then bash the hometown acts that play in them. Your obviously entitled to ur opinion, buy some restraint should be taken when ur logo is on the bottom of the flyer. Pick a battle, few can handle both sides of the music industry.

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