SINGLE // Goldroom :: Fifteen ((ft. Chela))

L.A. sunshine manufacturer Josh Legg (Goldroom) has put out one of his original tracks for mass download: “Fifteen,” a beat so rooted in optimism it almost seems tragically sad.  This one has exploded on SoundCloud.  We hesitated to post it yesterday since the free download required signing up for Facebook bullshit; that has since passed, and in the meantime the track has racked up over 23k plays.  Things move fast here on the interwebs, but it’s a good thing we have mellow jams like this one to keep us all in check.

The production is bright and poppy, and Chela‘s vocals are as beautiful as they are innocent.  A friend of mine commented the other day that what used to be 80’s adult contemporary is now sexy and cool, and “Fifteen” has Ferris-Bueller-summer-fantasy written all over it.

BONUS — Check out Goldroom‘s “Aviva Mix 2012” for one of the best indie summer mixes we may hear this season.

*** LINKS ***
Goldroom :: website
Goldroom :: SoundCloud
Goldroom :: Facebook
Goldroom :: Twitter


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