PHOTOS // The Unified Field ft. Alex & Allison Grey :: GRiZ, David Starfire, Jamie Janover and more :: 4/27/12

Combining art, music, mind and soul, The Unified Field was a unique two-night event at Cervantes‘ unlike any other.  As these events were the official pre-party for Sonic Bloom – the festival brainchild of Bassnectar and iLL.GATES – we entered the venue without a single expectation: things were bound to get weird.

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We arrived a little late to catch some of the openers, but felt it was easy to catch back up to speed since Cervs’ was decked out in Alex Grey‘s work.  The vibe was unparalleled.  David Starfire took the stage with guns blazing.  Demonstrating how much his music revolves around versatile ideals, Starfire was all over the stage, jumping back and forth between instruments while hyping up the crowd with electronic lovin’.  Once he was a couple of songs deep, Jamie Janover hopped on stage and performed alongside David for several songs.  Together, the two of them killed it, and (from our recollection) they played side-by-side for almost the remainder of the set.

All the while, Alex and Allison Grey continue to paint the night’s masterpiece.

By the end of Starfire’s set, Cervantes’ was packed and ready for the headlining.  Combining jazzed-out melodies on sax, fast-paced rhythmic progressions and those nasty bass-filled sounds that make us go bananas, GRiZ ((Grant Kwiecinski)) pumped out a performance that made us know why fame follows his name.  The dance floor was launched into a funkadelic space party… being surrounded by amazing live art and music apparently does that to some people.

It’s pretty difficult for us to capture the energy of Cervs’ that night with words, so instead we offer you our advice…  For all you music lovers, culture connoisseurs and art fanatics out there… Any time you see the names Alex & Allison Grey on the bill of a show: DO NOT MISS IT!!!

Enjoy our photos from the show:



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