FEATURE // Far Arden Recordings :: 200 Likes EP

Manhattan-based Far Arden Recordings is celebrating a milestone, albeit a very small one.  The 200 Likes EP celebrates exactly that.  Some bloganistas and industry types may sniff at it, like “I go out for sushi and 200 people like it on Facebook” kind of style, but Far Arden is popping the cork on this purple skweee bottle of champagne.

GRiDWORK starts it off with a sad-day-in-the-city sax line, and the class and crunch follow in equal proportions.  You may know SounSiva from our post about his highly impressive “Self Ignition”.  We are also suprised to catch DuBuddha on here, as we were waiting for news on The Golden Age EP and a downloadable “Purple Whale Fairy.”

In the interest of taking no backward steps, let’s hope Far Arden has something even bigger planned for the 300 Likes EP.

*** LINKS ***
Far Arden Recordings :: SoundCloud
Far Arden Recordings :: Facebook
Far Arden Recordings :: Twitter


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