PREVIEW // Lightning in a Bottle 2012 :: Part 1

The Do LaB is quietly and quickly growing into a multi-headed festival demon.  Among their multitude of festival events [Envision (Puerto Rico), Symbiosis (Nevada), Boom (Portugal)] and recently running their own stage at Coachella, the team at the Do Lab is going all-out for their biggest festival event of the year: Lightning in a Bottle. 

LIB has a reputation for “conscious” event-planning, even among the over-saturated festival market where exploitation is pandered to every lifestyle.  Recently, they were voted “Greenest Festival in America” and the connection to a natural state of being resonates in many aspects of the LIB experience.

We are STOKED to hear that The Do LaB will provide FREE WATER to all festival attendees to reduce costs, waste and environmental impact.  Not only will it be pure and filtered, and delivered via an LIB water bottle or your own container, but recognizing that hydration is a huge step toward ensuring health in a hot festival setting can never be underappreciated.

The Do LaB finds the room to stretch their limbs at Oak Canyon Ranch while sandwiched between land and sea. The connection to nature is a strong one, and their motto is worthy of praise: “To provide an event where attendees not only learn about important social, environmental, and cultural issues, but also actively engage in an extended experience of putting these philosophies into practice.”

The Do LaB’s Lightning in a Bottle 2011 – Official Video from The Do LaB on Vimeo.

But what would LIB be without the MUSIC itself?  Regardless of their eco-practices, they’re drawing in one of the best-rounded electronic lineups this summer, between some enormous headliners and opening acts we can’t wait to meet for the first time.

The Headliners


Bassnectar is just owning shit right now, someone who commands the respect of the scene at large and has the authority to headline wherever he likes.  Each passing day threatens to unearth him completely from the underground, but if he has any talent aside from his refined taste in loud sound, it’s that original, grimy appeal seems invulnerable to the size of his popularity.

The big news with ‘Nectar is Va Va Voom, his album from last month that has collected praise as a release that comes full circle on his career.  The hip-hop-flavored “Va Va Voom” and “Ugly” with Lupe Fiasco and Amp Live, respectively, are heavy thumpers that will please the newest generations of Bassheads, and his homage to Pennywise is a classic example of Bassnectar utilizing cross-genre appeal in his own rowdy way.

Bassnectar is best known for the extreme heat of his face-melting cannon, but he is equally suited at yoga festivals and gatherings of glow-stick shamans.  We’re equally as excited to see more gentle tracks like “Butterfly” and his remix of the classic “Laughter Crescendo,” and LIB is a place where we can count on him to open up that third eye.


Champion of Funktion-One speakers and the leading authority on using scientifically-molded sounds for high-grade bass pudding, Tipper is known as “The Grandfather of Glitch-Hop” and the owner of the world’s loudest car.  That is a Wikipedia page worthy of admiration and respect.

Tipper has a unique X-factor, drawing the most hideously bass-faced wooks out of their shadowy hiding places.  Wherever Tipper plays is guaranteed to get more than a little weird, and that is precisely why we cannot wait to see it go down.

Tipper is also fresh off of a new release, the Puzzle Dust EP.  We can’t stress enough that “Jook,” one of our favorite cuts from the EP, gives us a flash-forward hallucinatory nightmare of this year’s LIB.  We can already envision how bizarre we’re going to look when Tipper is rocking his late-night set; a cow skull is hoisted on a long pole as we dance like we’re made out of melting tinfoil, covered in a blood sacrifice of fifty glowsticks.


To say The Glitch Mob was anything less than crucial to our early electronic education would be an understatement.  They emerged right at the front of West Coast glitch-hop and remained its biggest supergroup act.

New material has been sparse since the trio put out We Can Make the World Stop last summer.  Word is that they’ve been locked in the studio for the better part of 2012;  That likely means their LIB performance is going to be centered around a big ol’ surprise.

Over the years, the group has refined its loose aesthetics and personalities into a tightly-woven machine, so what we can expect from them is the general spectacle of their show.  The increasingly hi-tech rigs combined with the live-trigger aspect of their performance combine with the epic-movie-score sensibility of their newest tracks, and grandeur has become the name of the game.


No one does psychedelia quite like Simon Posford and Raja Ram, who effortlessly makes some of the most psy-bending combinations of sound and light in the known universe.

We can’t help but notice that much of LIB 2012’s opening acts center around psy/tech/house/trance, and Shpongle‘s set will surely be the culmination of these vibes.

After the Shpongletron brought insane 3-D mapping into the picture, Simon Posford has been performing DJ sets as “The Masquerade.”  We can’t say for sure that new material can be expected, but then again, every new Shpongle set takes us a little off-guard, anyway.


The LDE recently popped up at The Do Lab’s Coachella stage, prompting the LA Times to say, “Imagine if Cirque du Soleil embraced an underworld where abundant sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll reigned.”  If you equate “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” to “music festival,” that pretty much nails it on the head.

LDE is performance art embodying the style of festival culture itself: it’s spirituality meeting debauchery, pagan meeting steam punk, high-brow athleticism meets Spring Break.  Who knows what will actually happen within their performance, or where you might accidentally run into the performers.

Forget watching ant-sized peformers toss each other around the stage from a distant arena seat.  What the LDE may lack in sheer size and extremity, they more than make up for in a personal connection (and a crunchier soundtrack), and through a six-degrees-of-separation kind of thing, it’s very likely that LDE sweat and/or makeup will find its way onto you.

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2 comments on “PREVIEW // Lightning in a Bottle 2012 :: Part 1

  1. I’ve seen every single one of these artists in Colorado within the last year. They were all super cool in their own ways. EX: Tipper was full of toad thwomping monster stomping noises + a collage of robotic voices.

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