SINGLE // Zake :: Template ((Original Mix))

In my excursion to find a song that could take my mind off finals and put me in a happy place, I found ‘Template‘ by Zake.  His motto is “Uplifting House Music at its Finest” and boy this track is exactly what I needed.  It’s a very progressive track with a great synth line and some sound effects that you might find very familiar from your childhood.  With that, it put me in a happy place.

Zake :: Template (Original Mix)


I mean how many songs can you honestly say make you smile, dance, and not care that you’ve been studying for finals for the past 72 hours straight?  Well, I can say one that has been able to do just that and it’s this.  It’s been on repeat the last few days and there is no chance I’m changing the song any time soon.


*** LINKS ***
Zake :: Facebook
Zake :: Soundcloud


Your thoughts?

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