INTERVIEW // Boombox Discusses New EP and Zen on the Road

Electo-funk duo Russ and Zion aka BoomBox return to Denver tonight to play at Ogden Theater with Mikey Thunder and SunSquabi. The pair spoke with Ashley McCredie of Early Bird // Night Owl about touring and the status of their next EP.

Check out their most recent live recording as you read up on what Zion and Russ are up to:

When are you planning on dropping the new EP?
We are still working on the actual release date, there’s going to be a single out very, very soon.  Like as soon as we can get the damn thing out, like May or June, as soon as we can finish it. A single or two maybe.

So you guys are doing a lot of work then while you’re on the road?
We’re trying, we’re trying.  We are kind of exhausted from traveling and stuff but we’re trying to make progress.

How is the process of making music on the road different from being in a studio?

On the road, you’re sitting in a car driving for eight hours and you’ve got headphones on and a computer – which is essentially a studio – and you do the same thing you would in a studio, you just write and put down tracks.  You try to do as much as you can and get as much as you can prepared, so that when you do get in the studio you have many of the foundational pieces.

Today is Derby Day and Cinco de Mayo…what kind of hats can we expect?
Not sure we’re going to be changing our hats for the night.

Not getting festive?
It’s not so much about being festive, it’s just not us.  The hats are us, we wear what we wear.  It’s part of our uniform.  It has nothing to do with our deficiency in being festive – it just wouldn’t be a BoomBox show without it.  I don’t care if it’s the biggest holiday known to man, we’re still going to wear what we’re going to wear.

You’ve played in Colorado dozens of times – at SnowBall Music Festival, Red Rocks, Ogden Theater, Bluebird Theater, etc.  What’s your overall impression of playing in CO and some of your most memorable moments?
We love playing Colorado.  The crowds are always very receptive and trying to get down, and they’re always first ones around the country who really opened up to the whole electronic thing and experimental electronic and different sub genres and all that.  Red Rocks is a big one and that was a really good one.  We played in Copper once in the snow and my monitors behind the speaker actually caught on fire from the snow – that was pretty interesting.  So we’ve had a lot of fun nights in Colorado.

You just announced that you will be on Jam Cruise this year.  How do you feel about that?
Personally, it’s about time!  It’s about damn time!  We’ve been working on it for a while and it hasn’t worked out and this year all the stars aligned and fell into place and we’re stoked about it.

You’ve been on tour since January.  Any highlights?
We just finished up a Midwest leg of the tour including Chicago and Detroit and those shows were just a really good energy.  We love playing Detroit the whole energy there is just so good and so real.  This whole year has just been really good for us.  We’re really proud of the touring shows and where we are and where we are playing.  It’s a really fun time.

What have you guys been listening to most in the car while on tour?
We don’t really listen to music in the car.  We’re to the point right now that when we get in the car that’s our only time of solitude.  Our ears are constantly ringing, so you know, at this point it’s not that we don’t want to listen to music but when we’re on tour and stuff and we get in the car and start rolling down the road, it’s the best thing in the world to hear nothing except the sound of the car rolling down the road.

It’s not that we don’t love music.  I’m sitting here in my room surrounded by vinyl and all types of music.  There’s so much we listen to.  As far as like, when we’re on tour at this stage of the tour, our ears are shot just from our own work.

So car time is like Zen time?
Yes.  Well, also car time is like, creative time.  You know, it’s like you could be listening to other people’s music which is great but you also have music in your own head that needs to get out so that’s really the only time we have to transfer from the mind to the physical.

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