INTERVIEW // Crushendo Talks Summer Plans with Early Bird // Night Owl

This Saturday, Crushendo will take the stage at Cassleman’s in Denver for the 2nd Annual Cinco de Drinko alongside SuperVision (Pretty Lights Music), presented by Dos Equis and Tecate. Sarah Silvas of Early Bird // Night Owl chatted with Cody Yozipovic (Frequent C) and Julian Garland (Candyman) about the event. Check out the duo’s advice for surviving Cinco de Mayo and learn about their upcoming releases and plans for the summer festival season.

How are things going for you guys ever since the name change from Slim Thugz to Crushendo?
Crushendo: In all honesty, it couldn’t have gone better. The name change didn’t really take long to catch on, and it’s given us the chance to start fresh with a whole new musical agenda.

 You recently released your EP Drop Logic, followed by a remix of “Dance (A$$)” by Big Sean ft. Nicki Minaj.  What else do you have coming out of the studio in the near future? 
Crushendo: Yeah, we actually released the Drop Logic EP, then an Elm & Oak Exclusive called “Trouble,” then the Big Sean remix shortly after for We’re just making anything and everything right now, and we do have some definite releases planned for the summer, but we’re gonna keep that all under wraps for a little bit longer while we continue pumping out tons of music. Our live show is definitely going to be where people are going to have the best chance to hear all of the new stuff this summer.


It’s summer time and everyone is hitting the festival circuit.  What advice to you have for hitting up music festivals, for artists and fans?
Crushendo: For fans, stay hydrated, have fun, don’t do anything too stupid and go discover some new music by catching as many sets by artists you haven’t heard of before. For artists, don’t pass up the opportunity to play a festival just for exposure. This is the best time of year to get your music heard, so take as many opportunities as you can regardless of how much you will earn if anything, that goes much further.


You’re playing the 2nd Annual Cinco de Drinko celebration show at Cassleman’s this Saturday. Tell us how you go involved with that?

 Crushendo: Our good friend Anya Strauss who is working in collaboration with The Collective 360, What’s Good Co., Dos Equis and Tecate, hit us up almost three months ago and asked us about playing this party with our homie SuperVison and seemed too legit to pass up. Still don’t know what’s going on with the stilt walking mustache rides though…the brothel theme could get a little cray.

We hear there is going to be a tattoo artist on-site at the show doing Tats for Tips.  If you were to get a tattoo at Tats for Tips, what would you get and why?
Cody: SMANG CITY right on my neck sounds nice, people will like that.

Julian: I would probably get SMANG tatted on my forehead because my mom would kill me no matter what, so I might as well smang it right before I die.

Check out Crushendo and SuperVision at Casselman’s this Saturday for Dos Equis and Tecate’s 2nd Annual Cinco de Drinko “Tijuana Brothel.”

***Buy your presale tickets here***


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