SINGLE // The Weeknd & Drake :: Crew Love ((Star Slinger’s Jersey Remix))

Our man Star Slinger is back with another fire remix, this time tackling a track practically begging to be set to a big club beat.  There wasn’t anything wrong with how The Weeknd and Drake did their original (probably plenty of people out there who prefer this track to be left alone, or at least draw the line at Shlohmo’s similarly-vibed remix).  But anything titled “Jersey Refix” is well aware of all that already.

The Weeknd x Drake :: Crew Love (Star Slinger’s Jersey Refix)

The Drake verse sounds a little clunky over this beat, but Abel Tesfaye’s voice was made to make a dance floor horny.  He sounds like he wants to fuck you no matter what he’s ACTUALLY saying; funny, then, that these lyrics full of disgust and repulsion are going to get a bunch of guidos laid.

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