PHOTOS // Sander Van Doorn @ Beta Nightclub :: 4.26.12

Beta Night Club went crazy last Thursday, bringing the heat and loading up the room with more lights, lasers, fog and sound then we thought we could ever handle.  The Dutch-master himself was in the building and had the entire crowd under his command from his first beat, as Denver let loose for an evening many will never forget.  UFO got down with The Hill Party Bus for a special birthday bonanza and did things get funky.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Sander Van Doorn (Sander Ketelaars) had been the hype around town for weeks now, as we all awaited his arrival to one of North America’s premiere venues, Beta Nightclub.  From the start, the night was beyond impressive.  The sound was perfect, the light show captivating and the cryoblasters, trust us, they did their job.  All together, that’s a cocktail mix that we couldn’t help but throw back, and with Sander in the driver seat the energy never left the room. All around us people were going nuts; screaming in Spanish, breaking down dance moves, spilling alcohol everywhere – and the fog, the fog!

Being our first time experiencing a Sander Van Doorn show at Beta, not only did the night live up to our expectations, but it left our rage crew begging for more.  The non-stop house antics and heavy bass left no room for cigarette breaks and it developed into an inner struggle to allow oneself to leave the cage for a new drink.  Yes, the dance floor was where we parked ourselves for the evening.

2011 and 2012 have been busy years for Sander Van Doorn and from the looks of things, it’s going to stay that way.  Since headlining huge festivals including Energy,  Mysteryland, EDCUltra and absolutely destroying his residency at various Sensation festivals, Sander Van Doorn has been a busy man in the studio.  With releases of ‘Love is darkness’ and ‘Koko’ as well as his hit compilation Dusk till Doorn, the production just can’t be stopped.  Until next time.


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