SINGLE // Pierce Fulton :: 10/6 ((That Should Do It))

Pierce motherfucking Fulton, everybody.  When we met Pierce at SnowBall a couple months back, he was already making giant moves with with CR2 Records and getting airplay from big names in house music.  We were happy enough that the young star was paving his way through that scene, but the next two tracks he followed up with were a blindside punch to our grasp of his talent.

Pierce Fulton :: 10 / 6 (That Should Do It)

Pierce Fulton :: West Egg (Original Mix)

Featured in Pierce’s Electric Beach biopic, “10 / 6 (That Should Do It)” is an impressively gorgeous downtempo feel-good track we’d expect from someone like Flume.  He nails it, taking you out of mind and ego in the same way it feels to look at a starry sky and look into infinite space.  Forgive us for being massive STS9 fans, but the vocal chop sounds like something right from their playbook.

“West Egg” is an even further leap from electro house.  How chillwave of a title is that Great Gatsby reference?  In an even more downtempo fashion, “West Egg” encompasses the surreal feeling of an expensive vacation, the dreamy feeling you get when you sit on a beach so picturesque you question whether anything is actually real.  That’s what the “chillwave” concept is to us: the comfortable disorientation of being lost in leisure.  Pierce Fulton is not who we expected to start this conversation!

*** LINKS ***
Pierce Fulton :: SoundCloud
Pierce Fulton :: Facebook
Pierce Fulton :: Twitter
Pierce Fulton :: YouTube


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