SINGLE // Vindahl :: Sometimes ((Birk Storm Remix))

Tokyo Dawn Records has offered up a previously unreleased remix from Danish producer Birk Storm, a track that takes the bright vibes of Copenhagen-based pop-art scientist Ronni Vindahl and blasts them off for a bouncy ride through the stars.

Vindahl :: Sometimes (Birk Storm Remix)

Birk Storm packs a lot into this remix.  Rhythmically, it begins its journey in 2-step and finishes out all the way into full-out house.  The Vindahl vibes shine through as reflections, either as far-out pop crooning or the guitar’s AM radio transmissions.  It’s too bad there isn’t such a thing as summer when you’re in space.

BONUS — Birk Storm isn’t the only one taking a swing at remixing Vindahl.  Tokyo Dawn recently held out a Vindahl remix contest, and the results were as varied as they were impressive.  Check out the finalists and download all 13 tracks for free here.

*** LINKS ***
Birk Storm :: website
Birk Storm :: Facebook
Birk Storm :: SoundCloud
Birk Storm :: Twitter


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