SINGLE // Liar :: Door Next Girl

Origami Sound is the home of a very beautiful type of electronica, and today they bring us a bass-and-harp track from Romanian producer Liar that cranks harder than their usual Burial-esque 2-step without losing the hopeless longing that powers that type of music.

Liar :: Door Next Girl

Liar is one of OS‘s big names and no stranger to the aforementioned sound, and just last month he was featured on XLR8R with a jangly and dark track.  “Door Next Girl” is driven by a crunchy lazer bass, but it retains the beauty-in-shadows vibe we dig from Origami Sound with absolutely heart-touching strings and reverby vocals that proclaim “words mean nothing.”

“Door Next Girl” is part of Liar‘s 16-track debut release Spirewards, due to drop sometime this summer.

BONUS — This is a track from Liar‘s SoundCloud that might be six months old, but it was too unique to not share while we’re on the topic.

*** LINKS ***
Liar :: Facebook
Liar :: SoundCloud
Liar :: Tumblr


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