M|O|D Music is on fire, a Boston collective that’s only been at it for a month and has already caught the attention of tastemakers like Mad Decent and Live For The Funk.  And that was just their first compilation: Volume Two is now ready for consumption, and it’s everything we expected from the promising new future-trap collective.

REWROTE‘s “Koola” immediately caught our ear as a sunny piece of space funk that will get regular rotation this summer, but the compilation is truly at its best when the tracks push just how weird they can be without being unchill.

That’s the MO of progressive hip-hop producers like Hudson Mohawke right now, right?  Make it smooth, but a little alien.  Weird, but reassuring.  Play it like a game of Jenga and find out which blocks can be pushed without upsetting the whole tower.

Yung Satan‘s tracks on this compilation, “Careless” and “Blerp,” are both examples of how you can poke a listener with a warbling, up-pitched sample when they have their head nodding and guard down.  You get more than a little nudge from LiL TExAS and Trap Arnold (who should have been Trappy Gilmore instead), while C.Z. keeps things familiar and nearly rave-like on “Po$itive.”

Think it goes without saying, we advise you keep your eyes on these Boston boys and your ears ready for what comes next.

*** LINKS ***
M|O|D :: SoundCloud
M|O|D :: Bandcamp


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