PHOTOS // Emalkay @ Fox Theatre :: Boulder, CO :: 4/25/12

Review by Ashlee Macropolous
Photos by Cody Hart

Not everyone is familiar with the name Emalkay unless they remember his kick-ass dubstep single from 2009, “When I Look at You.”  At his show on Wednesday at The Fox, the British producer and DJ blew the crowd away with his saucy style and ferocious beats.

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But prior to eleven o’clock, I wasn’t sure that I would have any sort of review to write.  The Fox was a vacant venue illuminated by red ambient lights.  The crowd would remain  a smattering of high school locals and a boy equipped with a panda hood and a sequin jacket, and it seemed it would remain that way.

However, once Emalkay stormed the stage with his filthy animal-style dubstep, the mostly sober crowd turned thizz-faced and horny.  The front of The Fox was full of people who were looking for an outlet from the grueling week, and Emalkay delivered the wave of sound that grabbed the crowd’s appetite and drenched it with bass.

Typical for a Wednesday night in Boulder, there were not many wasted people who unintentionally seem to ruin the show for everyone.  The crowd was down for  some dub, but that was pretty much it.  The general vibe from the audience was super chill — people were content to be thrashing to the bass of Emalkay within their own personal space and were not looking to cause problems for anyone.

While the attitude of the crowd was low key, there was definitely a sexual energy that presented itself with the music.  Behind the row of guys lining the front of the stage, the amount of couples grinding on each other would expand and contract through out the night.  On other occasions the crowd would mindlessly head bob and wave one arm like a slew of zombies mesmerized by the bass.  All in all, this Wednesday night at The Fox was a great place to let loose on some killer dubstep.



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