FEATURE // Hype Jones :: Vocal EP

A little while ago I posted about Hype Jones and his LoveStep Remix of Michael Jackson‘s ‘Maria.’  Now Hype has taken his talents in a completely different direction with the release of his Vocal EP, consisting entirely of his own tracks, some remixed, some originals.

The first track on the EP, ‘You Are the Only One’ sounds Elton John/Tiny Dancer-esque in the best way possible.  The tune is catchy and craftfully put together in a track fit for summer days.  This catchy theme resonates throughout the entire EP: one song that is a must listen is ‘Anyone But You (AutoChoon Main Mix),’ the 3rd song on the EP.  You can download all the songs directly from the SoundCloud player, so take a listen and enjoy!

*** LINKS ***
Hype Jones :: Facebook
Hype Jones :: Twitter
Hype Jones :: SoundCloud


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