MIXTAPE // Smoking Coyote :: Smoking Coyotape Vol. IV.20

The 4/20 mixes keep rolling by almost a week after the date.  Then again, 4/20 is less like Thanksgiving and more like New Years, and it’s less about a celebration binge and more about setting resolutions and bettering your habits in the coming year.

We can’t tell you who this Smoking Coyote kid is (other than his Tumblr is worth a look).  But we do know you should scroll to the end of the mix right away to check out the great vocal edit he did of ill.Gates and MiM0SA‘s “Never Alone” with Mark Morrison’s “I Wanna Be Your Man” that is pure, lethal love.

The rest of the mix is full of big-name dubstep tracks from The Killabits, Magnetic Man, Seven Lions, a couple SBTRKT  tracks and more.  But those huge Mark Morrison vocals and ill.Gates and MiM0SA’s epic crunch — wow, that works.

*** LINKS ***
Smoking Coyote :: Tumblr 
Smoking Coyote :: SoundCloud


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