FEATURE // Outsourced Compilation Vol. 6

Brooklyn-based Outlier Recordings has put out the sixth installment of their Outsourced Compilation, gathering UFO favorites heRobust, DAILON, and yahnLOOKEpicard along with a mob of new faces.  Twenty-one songs can be yours for a single dollar, and if you are a fan of the beat scene or good chillout sessions this is one that is worth your time.

There are some strange tracks and some familiar sounds, and the best ones are rock solid.  There are some heavier beats, including the bit-chip rasta vibes and heavy bass thump of “Rundt feat. Klumben (Shatter Hands’ Supersoniske Remix)” and the lazer-glitch testimony of “The Rapture.”

But even the heavier tracks have a smooth head-nodding quality they share with the tracks more focused on the lay-low beauty of “Lily of the Valley” and the sedate wonder of “Koyanisqatsi.”  The best of them somehow combine the two, like how “Rollin'” takes Adult-Swim-bump music into heavier territory.

In short, there isn’t a single track on the compilation we wouldn’t discuss here.  Give it a listen and find beauty however you recognize it.

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Outlier Recordings :: website
Outlier Recordings :: Bandcamp
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Outlier Recordings :: Facebook
Outlier Recordings :: Tumblr
Outlier Recordings :: SoundCloud


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