FEATURE // Become a Part of the UFO Team

Greetings to UFO fans from the past, present, and future:

We hope that you enjoy the work that we put into making happen.  Most of you (maybe all of you) share our passion for music and the culture that surrounds it.  We are truly doing everything possible to bring you relevant content and help you develop a deeper connection to the scene, and we are always looking for better ways to make it happen.

One way is to get you (yes, you) personally involved with our work.  If you like what you see so far and you have ideas about how to make it even better, we want you to apply to become a UFO contributor.  As a Colorado based company, it is often hard for us to be in every city for every show.  By hiring new staff members, we will possess the ability to bring our fans the coverage they desire from multiple cities at once, taking our exposure to the next level!

We are looking for:

— blog writers (daily posts)
— concert reviewers
— photographers
— event coordinators
— publicists (marketing/advertising/social networking)
At this point in time, UFO is a tight-knit community of music enthusiasts based in Boulder, Colorado, with our eyes set on expanding our influence throughout the universe and becoming a prominent voice across the music scene.

While there are also NO restrictions to what kind of music you “must” like — discovering the unified funk requires that we search our feelings and stay true to what we love, and we never ask our writers to change who they inherently are as a music fan —‘s mission is to help channel the energy present throughout our musical influences using “electronic music and jam” as our foundation.

Please forward your resume and a brief portfolio of your work to


Your thoughts?

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