PHOTOS + UFO.TV // Air Dubai @ the Fox Theater :: Boulder, CO :: 4.19.12

Colorado locals Air Dubai brought some serious energy into the Fox Theatre Thursday night that had the whole crowd grooving. Perfectly incorporating dance beats and funk vibes into some soulful hip hop, these guys kept the people dancing and the party bumping all night.  The whole band, consisting of Julian Thomas (vocals), Jon Shockness (vocals), Lawrence Grivich (guitar), Michael Ray (keyboard), Taylor Tait (bass), Nick Spreigl (drums), and Wesley Watkins (trumpet), seemed to have as much fun as the audience as they danced around through the entire length of the set.  Westword magazine certainly wasn’t joking around when they named these guys best Colorado hip-hop act 2 years in a row.

Recently, Air Dubai put out an album called Day Escape that was produced by the talented Sylvia Massy who has done work producing for acts including the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool, and Prince to name a few. After talking to the band, I learned that they had spent one full month out in California writing and recording four songs. Curious of how the experience working with such a big name went, I talked to one of the vocalists, Jon Shockness, who said “We wanted to explore new people and producers and kind of see the kind of music that we could create. In terms of working with Sylvia, it was just another step in our process of learning who we work well with and learning who we want to be as a band.” At the show, I also talked to keyboardist Michael Ray who simply explained to me that it gave them time to focus solely on writing, and as such, Day Escape is as Air Dubai as it gets.

This album has given the band a ton of recognition nationwide, and though the album had incredible production quality, their recordings still hardly do the live performance any justice. With flawless performances from the entire band and each member’s insane energy that couldn’t help from spilling over to the crowd, it’s easy to see why these guys are going to be big.


Your thoughts?

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