SINGLE // Darude :: Sandstorm ((Candyland Remix))

Here’s a great example of synergy.  Just when we were asking ourselves “Whatever happened to Darude?  When was the last time you heard ‘Sandstorm?'” we happen to find one of the best “Sandstorm” remixes we’ve ever heard from Candyland, a DJ duo from Santa Barbara, CA consisting of boy/girl team Ethan Davis and Josie Martin

Darude :: Sandstorm (Candyland’s OG Remix)

With a group named Candyland remixing a track like “Sandstorm” it’d be safe to assume this remix has beads up to its elbows and knows the PLUR handshake.  Possibly the coolest part of this remix was the suspense of seeing where Candyland could possibly go with the definitive sample.

All the rave hype drops into a low-swinging trap beat, which Flosstradamus is proving is the cool thing to do now.  Damn, it works too, especially by putting a muzzle on that hyperactive synth and keeping it in line as the beat floats by.

BONUS — We were inspired to look up more about Candyland the board game, and found it’s a goddamn treasure trove of awesome DJ names.  From Wikipedia:

  • Mr. Mint (replaced by ‘Duke of Swirl‘ in 2010 edition)
  • Gramma Nutt (renamed ‘Gramma Gooey’ in 2010 edition)
  • King Kandy
  • Jolly (removed in the 2010 version)
  • Plumpy (removed in the 2002 version, replaced by Mamma Ginger Tree who was later replaced by cupcakes in 2010 edition)
  • Princess Lolly (renamed ‘Lolly’ after 2002 edition; renamed ‘Princess Lolly’ in 2010 edition)
  • Queen Frostine (renamed ‘Princess Frostine’ after 2002 edition)
  • Lord Licorice
  • Gloppy the Molasses Monster (renamed Gloppy the Chocolate Monster in 2010 edition)

*** LINKS ***
Candyland :: Facebook
Candyland :: SoundCloud
Candyland :: Twitter


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