FEATURE // CloZee :: Jafumpt T / Eyes In Eyes

We’re proud to bring you something far out of the ordinary today, a French producer and classical guitarist names Chloé Herry.  CloZee is the name of the project, combining glitch and dubstep with the warm sounds of acoustic strings.

She gained some popularity on YouTube by posting guitar covers of popular electronic songs, but last month she dropped an utterly gorgeous debut EP on NeuroPlastic Records.  Now she’s back on our radar with two more tracks, proving that an ear for composition is one of the most valuable skills for a glitch producer.

CloZee :: Jafump T

CloZee :: Eyes In Eyes (feat. LF)

The similarity to The Glitch Mob is pretty evident, and many of these tracks are constructed just like edIT’s ‘Ants.’  As impressive as it is that a teenage French girl known for classical covers can pull that off this convincingly, the real weight of her songs are in the places other than the bass.  The delicacy of the buildups and the fantastic textures she creates between analog and digital create a realm of pure bliss, and you’re in a perfect state for the lazers to start firing.

BONUS — Here is a video of Chloé actually playing the guitar.  I swear I saw this video at one point, but never would have guessed I’d be comparing her to The Glitch Mob one day.

*** LINKS ***
CloZee :: Facebook
CloZee :: SoundCloud
CloZee :: Bandcamp
CloZee :: YouTube


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