PHOTOS // SexyTime & Two Fresh @ Cervantes’ 4/19/12

What makes music sexy?

Is it about keeping it classic, smooth, sensual?  Is it about letting people get nasty, sweaty, a little out of control?  Is it about upholding the virtues of true love, or stroking the ego of a one-night stand?  Or is it simply about listening to whatever you like, and therefore what makes you feel the most comfortable?

Maybe we read into the SexyTime project too literally last night, but it was hard for us to see this show as anything other than SexyTime, Two Fresh, Dam Funk and Wick It showcasing some sexy beats.

Tigran (MiM0SA, one half of SexyTime) has this dependable ability to draw an entire sorority’s worth of girls to any show in which he’s involved.  Say whatever you wish about their music, there’s one truism that SexyTime clearly understands: if the girls don’t want to dance, how much of a party is it really?

But there’s more than one way to accomplish that, and SexyTime had some serious pressure put on them from the openers.

Two Fresh is clearly taking their game to the next level.  Kendo and Shweez made a name for themselves with impressively smooth head-nodders, but after touring with Skrillex and then with NiT GRiT, it’s clear they realized it was time to focus on initializing the party.  The intensity is significantly higher than when we first met them, and they are increasingly finding a way to make classy sounds louder and louder.  And no one could say no when the duo picked up mics and brought Black Actors (Quiz and TK) onstage for an organic rhymefest.

Dam Funk nearly stole the show as well.  Talk about organic — real vinyl records (“This shit came out in 1982 and it’s still wreckin’ everything out there” he approximately said) and a keytar with talk-box vocals — blowing people away as early as 10 pm.  He set a dead-serious precedent for sexy time music, with nearly the entire crowd in a “don’t talk to me, I’m grooving” style of hypnosis.  It was so effective that Dam hung out in the crowd for an entire song, and as you can see from our pictures, people were dancing alongside him like he just happened to be an audience member that brought a keytar.  (Props to the audience member who was invited to play his keytar — not a bad job for playing it sideways, and probably not knowing how to play one in the first place.  Seriously, pretty funky).

SexyTime treated this like they had waited through two hours of foreplay.  They began by running the “Lost In Translation” video and letting everyone vibe on that before they took the stage, which followed up with more than an eyful of nearly NSFW visuals and about fifteen minutes before girls started dancing onstage.

There’s more than one way to get a crowd feeling sexy, and SexyTime was dynamic about trying different sounds.  The best way, it seemed, were the heavy 808 bangers that MiM0SA has been so much about lately in his live shows, but there were all shades of beats and samples.  Nothing turned out to be the wrong answer.

Aside from the strong draw to a female crowd, another constant with a MiM0SA-related project is us asking out loud, “This is cool, but when is he gonna play some of that OLD shit?” We’re one side of the coin on this, and there are clearly more people who we heard complain that the beginning and end were too slow.  That’s all the new material that dropped today from the Naked Poetry EP, and not only do we think sexy tracks are smooth tracks, but now the NEW tracks are what we want to hear most.  It may be slower, but we think it’s hard to be seductive and aggressive at the same time.  Just sayin’.  It’s sexier than bass rape.  That’s what dubstep is, right?

2 comments on “PHOTOS // SexyTime & Two Fresh @ Cervantes’ 4/19/12

  1. great show, but i disagree with most of the review. not really any mention of sleepyhead who deserves alot of credit. you could’ve talked about what he brought to the show since most probably don’t know about him instead of talking so much about how mimosa is a chick magnet. and personally, i love the new slower, more deep and seductive bass sound mimosa has going on opposed to the obnoxious, loud dubstep that sounds extremely similar to everything else.. and all the people i was surrounded with agreed. two fresh killed it, and so did sxytme. looking foward to seeing them again. peace,

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