FEATURE // Blameful Isles :: Bound to Ohra

Urban Waves Records is our favorite underground discovery after we found Je$u$.  We didn’t expect that the next day we’d stumble upon the newest member of the UW family, Swedish producer Daniel Israelson aka Honks Burry .  With “Bound To Ohra” he’s introducing his new project, Blameful Isles which is a fresh take on jazzy trip-hop with a mindful edge.

From Urban Waves:

“Ohra Nomai” is the musical oracle of “Ohra forest”. When you’ve entered the forest once, you have to play your way out of the musical enterprise. As a reward you will gain endless musical power & The shamans of Ohra will forever be in your debt. Listen and explore the sounds of another dimension, together with the Blameful Isles.”

Blameful Isles :: SoundCloud
Blameful Isles :: Facebook

Urban Waves Records :: website
Urban Waves Records :: SoundCloud
Urban Waves Records :: Facebook
Urban Waves Records :: Tumblr


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