FEATURE // SIMPLETON :: Sympathetic Chords

Missoula-based SIMPLETON (Sam Forslund) has caught our attention with a four-track release of psy-crunk bass music.  Missoula, Montana isn’t a complete ghost town in terms of music (you’d be surprised), but it appears like we’ve stumbled on someone that even Montanans may not know yet.  What we are certain of, however, is that the Colorado bass scene would totally welcome his style.

There’s plenty of crystaline synth work with digitized edges, percussion that splats like drops of paint, and diverse quilts of sound design that keep it all interesting.  All around, Forslund made a positive choice in keeping the four tracks closer to the “melodic” half of the melodic bass genre, and his ability to manipulate a crunchy melody line (“Crybaby” is a pretty stellar composition) is proof enough that this young producer is onto bigger things than genre trends.

“Robe Rash” is about as close as SIMPLETON gets to a club banger this release, which picks up a fairly typical 808-and-arpeggio groove into a funky new gear.  We also dig the strangely delicate nature of the lazer-juke tune “Quantum Gemeralds” and don’t see any reason why “Crybaby” or “Sympathetic Chords” would not impress the Cervantes‘ regulars.

SIMPLETON :: SoundCloud
SIMPLETON :: Facebook


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