FEATURE // Marquee Mag presents WEST WATER OUTLAWS @ The Fox Theater :: 5.9.12

Dirty  roadhouse rock and roll is back, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re on board or not because the West Water Outlaws are coming through.  On May 9th, Marquee Magazine will be presenting West Water Outlaws with Na’an Stop and Branded Bandits at the Fox Theater in Boulder, CO, and there’s no doubt we will be there to witness a post-finals Wednesday night of glorious, glorious noise.

Blake “Whiskey” Rooker (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Will S. Buck Esq. (lead guitar), Vincent “Funky” Elwood (bass, organ, vocals) and Andrew “Monkey” Oakley (drums and percussion) come together to form the amplified wild bunch – West Water Outlaws.  It’s clear how the band traces many of their influences to the greats and future greats of Rock and Roll: the sounds of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Led Zeppelin form the blues and rock backbone, which is then driven into the red with proto-metal Black Sabbath dread and Queens of the Stone Age stoner sludge rock.

The bottom line is that this is some of the most pure rock and roll you can find within the younger scene, which is nothing short of a burst of fresh air in a town completely saturated with DJs.  Alongside our close friends SunSquabi and Technicolor Tone FactoryWest Water Outlaws are doing big things to bring guitars back into the spotlight.  In particular, they’re staying close to the power of analog distortion and high-octane whiskey breath that made rock great in the first place, and if they were time-warped to the 1970’s, they would do better than anyone we know at blending in.

The band’s newest EP “Crooked Angel” says it all; old school blues, that grunge guitar contemporary rock and roll stars seem to forget, and a stellar backing of drums and bass. Our advice, crank that bitch to 11 and rock out!

Soon it will be time to soak your textbooks in lighter fluid and scream summer, but we’ll also be celebrating the occasion as West Water Outlaws take their first headlining slot at the Fox.  We fell in love with these guys’ sound at smaller shows at Conor O’Neills Pub and Cervantes, but there’s no holding back from rocking out a packed crowd at The Fox Theater.  Get your tickets ASAP, because these bad boys are going to go fast. See you there!

West Water Outlaws :: website
West Water Outlaws :: Facebook
West Water Outlaws :: Twitter
West Water Outlaws :: Soundcloud


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