FEATURE // Je$u$ :: XII Apostles

Jesus spent a lot of time chilling, of this there is no doubt.  If there were such a thing as a record player in Bibical Jerusalem, Jesus probably would have brought one out to the middle of the desert and said “My flock, here we shall sit and listen to this album beginning to end,” and his apostles came before him as they were instructed, and sat around like fucking G’s and chilled to this shit, and it was good.  And even though it was the desert, and they had to squint because sunglasses weren’t invented yet either, they opened their hearts to their Lord and said “Day-um, J!”

Jesus Christ, there is just so much here.  Gramatik-grade headnodders with cool Latin swagger, prime Adult Swim bump material, and “V” holding down some pure analog space funk.  There’s an active disdain for the unchill, and XII Apostles is a nonviolent protest.

Je$u$ has been ruling SoundCloud with these beats, but XII Apostles presents them stripped down in vocal-less form and reveals just how solid they are.

And, there’s a cassette version of this album up for sale on Bandcamp. That would make XII Apostles the only cassette I own, but there’s something that just feels right about that.

Je$u$ :: SoundCloud
Je$u$ :: Bandcamp


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