SINGLE // Marco Del Horno :: This Town Is Ours ((Bondax Remix))

Teenage producers aren’t just taking over house music — here we have Lancaster production duo Bondax, one of whom isn’t of legal clubbing age (that must be awkward).  However, there’s plenty of proof in their music they at least know the SOUND of a club.  This remix of Marco Del Horno’s “This Town Is Ours” (download provided by Bullet Train Records) has all the makings of the next generation of garage coming through: any fans of our Disclosure posts so far would be advised to give this a listen.

Marco Del Horno :: This Town Is Ours (Bondax Remix)

Bondax made it to #3 on XLR8R’s top downloads in March with the very slick “All Inside,” but this remix is a big leap away from the minimal, gentle nature of that tune.  Instead, the guys choose to fill every corner with tons of reverby piano, old-school house stabs, and a proper amount of panned-out and tripped-out vocals.

BONUS — Be sure to grab Bondax‘s “Just Us” if you haven’t already, their breakout tune from earlier this year.

Bondax :: Just Us

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Bondax :: SoundCloud
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