UFO.GEAR // UFO Merchandise :: Tanks and Tees has linked up with Wear the Party to design rave-inspired tees and tanks for our fans this summer and festival season.  These guys have been supporters since day one and they were able to incorporate our designs into their tech-heavy and rave-friendly apparel.  We are now happy to announce that our gear is available online through!
Right now, we have two shirt designs: an all-white tee with a patterned glow background and our classic Space Cadillac UFO, and an all-black Miami-inspired tank top screaming ALL I DO IS PARTY.  Both shirts also feature a unique UFO logo on the back and come in all sizes for men and women.
If you have heard anything about Wear The Party, then you probably know their shirts light up like dry-erase boards for ravers.  Any light as bright as an iPhone flash will illuminate the material in glowing green.  Each shirt comes with a mini LED pinch-light, and you can upgrade to a torch LED or a laser pointer for a few extra dollars.
You may have already seen us rocking these shirts at SnowBall in Vail Valley or at and Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida, and they’ll be coming with us everywhere we go this festival season.  We are very thankful that Wear The Party has treated us so well and offered their vendor booths as a home away from home, and now our apparel available for online purchase through their STORE!
While you’re there, make sure to check out all of the other goods by Wear the Party.  The UFO team was around when they started selling shirts out of backpacks, and we’re blown away at how far they’ve come with their designs.

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