UFO.GEAR // TENTSILE :: Portable Treehouse

UFO will be rocking a next-level base camp this festival season.  Tents are a thing of the past: we have no issue with sleeping on the ground, bugs don’t really get to us, and every once in a while someone stumbles into a tent in the dark and fucks everything up, but that’s just camping, right?

Not unless you pick up a suspended habitation unit (we’ll call it SHU) from the brilliant people at Tentsile.  They’ve developed a framed tent that is suspended from three hammocks and a single ground anchor point, with three different-sized models that can accommodate two, 3-4 or 5-8 people. The Tentsile is made out of a collapsible frame of webbing straps and the material is resistant to fire, water and UV rays. To get your hands on one of these awesome pieces of equipment, hit up Tentsile’s website and place an order at!

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The coolest part about an SHU is that you don’t have to share it with anyone you don’t want to: bugs, water, snakes, cold ground, drunk Yetis, etc.  The retractable ladder makes this a fortress of solitude at any festival.  Secret passwords are encouraged.

As for the upcoming festival season goes, we cannot wait to get ourselves one of these to try out.  It may not do you a lot of good at Burning Man, but this thing was practically designed for Re:Generation at Horning’s Hideout, Electric Forest, or Lightning in a Bottle. If you encounter the UFO observatory some time this summer the password is “abracadabra!”


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